Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cove Shopping Center stores getting a facelift.

The dream of Cove area residents and former Commissioner Militello is coming true.  Their idea was to retain the small village feel of the Cove Shopping Center; to make it a unique area retaining the mix of small businesses. 

The theory, which is coming true, was that after the city landscaped the parking lot and made the area attractive, businesses would take advantage of the CRA funded matching fa├žade funds and update their properties and make the center into a gem of a Key West Style attraction.  A fresh, attractive gateway to the beach, accomplished with joint city/property owner creativity.

The Station House Restaurant was a nice addition as is the fresh paint and awnings on other stores.  Now the owners of Sondros (2stores), Paul’s Barber Shop, The Place Hair Salon, and Val de Loire restaurant are going to make significant upgrades to their stores.  The owners propose to paint the buildings, install new awnings and building signage, make structural repairs to roof overhangs and upgrade to impact glass on the storefronts.
Way to go!!  (Yup, I’m saying I told you so, again.)

We have heard nothing about whether the Green Market will be run in the Cove again this season; it is really way late to round up participants so it may not happen.   If it doesn’t perhaps some other events, music, dancing, chowder cook off, or something, can be done to attract attention to the center.

The sign at the front of the Cove is a lovely yellow tower, but it really isn’t a sign, just a cute gazebo, it doesn’t help inform anyone that there are stores and restaurants.  Shouldn’t there be something on it to tell visitors what’s what? 

We hope that this is not a harbinger of loss of interest in the Cove by the city.  Some of the landscaping is already looking unkempt, what’s up with that.   At least the pavers are scheduled to be power washed and sealed in September. It is nice to know the city is taking responsibility for that.  All the businesses have to do is hose the sidewalks clean in between washings.  


Monday, August 6, 2012

Heeeeeee’s baaaack. Boinis that is, not Chucky.

What’s Pete Boinis up to now?

City hall better get ready for an angry pitchfork toting crowd picketing if Boinis is awarded the contract for the Pier restaurant. 

Hard to believe, but his is one of the outfits who submitted a proposal. 

Remember Pete Boinis, he paid $200,000 for the spit of sand under the beach toilets by the pier. He supposedly said he would donate the property to the city. He wanted to turn our pier into a giant banquet hall restaurant, building it high and wide and covering the whole fishing parking lot.

BUT, after his monster restaurant idea was shot down he was stuck with the little property. There was nothing he could do with it, it couldn’t be built on or used for anything, so he wanted the city to buy it from him. 

The commission balked at his price (He refused to take the $310,000 grant amount.  He wouldn’t sell for less than $510,000.)  So, he put no trespassing signs up around his property in a stupid ploy to force the city into buying it from him. 

The commission caved in.  Residents were furious, and Boinis laughed all the way to the bank.  He had no problem squeezing the city for the extra money.  The pier renovations couldn’t start without that property and I am sure he knew it. 

He should have donated the land, at worst, he should have taken the two hundred grand it cost him.  But no, I guess he was mad and wanted revenge.

Now he wants the city to award him a contract.  Get real!!!

Proposals from:

1) Class Act LLC

(2) Red Barron Entertainment

(3) DH2 Incorporated

(4) Give me a Burger Incorporated

(5) Eco-Eatery Inc. – Pete Boinis

(6) Brewzzi Incorporated.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The Salvation Army needs help.

We are waiting for the Deerfield Beach Commission to set a policy on clothing donation bins so donations can be made in our city.  But right now the Salvation Army is in trouble, and they can’t wait.

I received a note from Jim Moyer the donations director and he said,

“…clothing donations at this point in the summer are virtually nonexistent.  We (the Salvation Army) will probably have to send people in our clothes sorting department home early for the first time ever…”

The closest donation center to Deerfield Beach is the Salvation Army store on Copans Road in Pompano.  It is just east of Dixie Highway.  There is a white trailer in the parking lot; donations are accepted at the rear of the trailer. 

Take them all those clothes you haven’t worn in 3 years, by the time you fit into them again they will be out of style.  Clean out your storage area, if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it, mostly you don’t even remember you have some of those things, let's recycle. 

PLEASE, they will take anything, clothing, household goods, books etc. etc.  If you had a garage sale, don’t throw away the left-overs, pile them in the minivan and haul them over to Copans Road. 

You all know I am a fan of the good work the Salvation Army does, and how penuriously they use their money.  They do lots of good for lots of people, so now let’s us do some good for them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This stinks! A commission spits in the faces of residents.

Our Friend, Lynn Anderson, in Lake Worth spent weeks in the hot summer gathering petitions for the referendum, and now has to put up with being insulted by the developer friendly commissioners. 

This is a nasty example of commissioners representing their own interests, not the residents. 

Hmmm, let’s think, why would the commissioners want this to fail? What do you think is in it for them? $$$$$$$$  

Write to the paper and the Lake Worth commissioners and let them know this stinks. (Also, leave a comment after this article at the Palm Beach Post)

Editorial: Lake Worth goes low in delaying height-limit vote

It’s not easy to rationalize postponing a vote that residents demanded, but some Lake Worth city commissioners seem to have found a way: condescension.

This summer, more than 1,700 of Lake Worth’s 35,000 residents signed a petition calling for a citywide vote on whether to impose new height limits on buildings. That’s enough signatures to require a referendum, but city commissioners get to decide when in the next several months the vote takes place.

The most logical and obvious choice is the Nov. 6 general election, when city elections are planned and the presidential election will ensure high turnout. But commissioners passed on that, deciding Saturday in a contentious 3-2 vote to hold the referendum in March.

Not only does this guarantee less participation, it will require a special election, which will cost the financially ailing city $30,000. The only reason commissioners gave: a November referendum would not have given voters enough time to educate themselves on the issue, which Commissioner Scott Maxwell claimed would be overshadowed by the presidential and congressional elections.

The suggestion that voters will be too overwhelmed to vote intelligently on a height-limit referendum is not only condescending; it’s disingenuous. Height limits are not health care reform. They are relatively simple propositions with fairly predictable outcomes. Three months is more than enough time for residents to figure out where they stand.

The referendum would ask voters whether to impose a 45-foot limit east of F Street and a 35-foot-limit to the west. City rules already limit heights on new buildings to 45 feet in the downtown entertainment district, but commissioners recently voted to allow buildings up to 65 feet east of Federal Highway along Lake and Lucerne avenues.

We see no need for voters to alter these height limits. A 65-foot building (about five or six stories) east of Federal Highway would not be out of character with the Gulf Stream Hotel and the condominiums around it, and limiting heights to 45 feet could needlessly discourage redevelopment. But residents are entitled to vote on the issue as promptly as possible.

The obvious reason for pushing the referendum down the road is that the commission majority — Mr. Maxwell, Mayor Pam Triolo and Commissioner Andy Amoroso — believes that it might pass in November but might not in March. Their delay shows cynical disregard for the public.
Andrew Marra
for The Post Editorial Board