Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Reader Response

I took this from the comments section and posted it here as I think Esther Carter has an important message and it should be front and center. 

FROM ESTHER: You said it all and very well. The Historical Society is a great asset to the city of Deerfield and should be treated as such by it's organizations and city hall.

I personally know how many hours and how hard Carolyn Morris, (Director), has spent trying to keep this organization going. She has also engaged her family in many hours of volunteered service.

It is a shame that all members of the Chamber, Kiwanis, city hall and all other organizations are not members of this Historical Society to support them. That is the least they could do. And at such a little cost.

It will be an embarrassment to the City of Deerfield if they allow it to close. What does this say about the city's leaders? It shows they are lazy, uncommitted, and not having the best interest for the city's growth and preservation of important history.

I know that Carolyn Morris has been so dedicated and proud of the way the Historical Society has been able to reach out to the Schools, the community, tourists, little children's programs, etc. to educate them on the history of Deerfield. She is more concerned about losing this service of the community than she is about herself becoming unemployed.

The city of Deerfield should do something about this, or hang thier heads in embarrassment. Shame on you Deerfield!!

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  1. Agreed ! When we ignore history and roots life as it should be dies. Records of achievements, setbacks, growth all give meaning and strength to a person, a community, a city. How can we allow this to happen? Is there anything we can do?