Friday, June 1, 2012

The Historical Society May Soon be History.

Deerfield Beach has an historical society.  The Deerfield Beach Historical Society is based at Butler House.  It is broke. 

Up to a few years ago the city funded some of the expenses, if I remember correctly they kicked in about $50,000 a year.  Then the crunch came and the commission decided not to fund things like the society and Founders’ Day and the kids’ football.  Without city funding it didn’t take long for the Historical Society to run out of money. 

This is an embarrassment to a city in which so many well-to-do people live.  Everyone in Deerfield Beach benefits from having a place to go for information on the past. We have thousands of residents who can afford a yearly membership of $40.  The society should have thousands of members.   They might even find out that they like the monthly programs. 

How many members of the Rotary, or Kiwanis or the Chamber of Commerce are members, it should be ALL. 

I am sure no one hesitates, when their student needs a source for a school paper, to go to the Butler house and enlist Carolyn Morris’s help finding pictures and information, free help for an A+ paper.  Do those parents join the society?  Do they give a donation?  Do they care that Carolyn, an excellent historian, has lost her job?  Do they appreciate that she is now an unpaid volunteer?  (I might be tempted to tell an ungrateful city to go shove it, but Carolyn is a nicer person than I.)

We have thousands of residents who can afford $30 for a dinner and an interesting program for a society fundraiser; I wonder how many will be there tomorrow evening. 

Why haven’t the Observer and the Forum and the Sun Sentinel run outraged editorials about the lack of support from the residents and the city commission for the history of their city?  

Does anyone give a damn?

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  1. You said it all and very well. The Historical Society is a great asset to the city of Deerfield and should be treated as such by it's organizations and city hall.

    I personally know how many hours and how hard Carolyn Morris, (Director), has spent trying to keep this organization going. She has also engaged her family in many hours of volunteered service.

    It is a shame that all members of the Chamber, Kiwanis, city hall and all other organizations are not members of this Historical Society to support them. That is the least they could do. And at such a little cost.

    It will be an embarrassment to the City of Deerfield if they allow it to close. What does this say about the city's leaders? It shows they are lazy, uncommitted, and not having the best interest for the city's growth and preservation of important history.

    I know that Carolyn Morris has been so dedicated and proud of the way the Historical Society has been able to reach out to the Schools, the community, tourists, little children's programs, etc. to educate them on the history of Deerfield. She is more concerned about losing this service of the community than she is about herself becoming unemployed.

    The city of Deerfield should do something about this, or hang thier heads in embarrassment. Shame on you Deerfield!!