Monday, April 9, 2012

Nasty Deerfield Beach Neighbors.

The Deerfield Beach Country Club golf course, butts up against a neighborhood with mostly African American residents. According to those residents, the golf course has a long history of ignoring their requests, and being a very bad neighbor.

There was a meeting a couple of years back about changing the golf course land use to residential, at that meeting the neighbors from the adjacent neighborhood showed up in numbers and vented their displeasure about the golf course, citing large piles of debris from Hurricane Wilma piled up along their yards left to rot and attract vermin.

One story told was about some neighborhood boys who accidently kicked a football over the fence into the golf course. When they requested it be returned, the person on the course stuck his pen knife into the ball and then threw it back. Nasty.

Not long ago course owners came up with another bright idea; they wanted to turn the area into an industrial park. The neighbors again came out and pleaded with the city to deny the request, and oh, by the way, please get the course to clean up along the fence in their backyards.

At the last commission meeting the neighborhood residents were back again, they told about piles of smelly mulch with colonies of snakes taking up residence, snakes which at times enter people’s homes. They mentioned the area around the poorly maintained border fence which is full of weeds that encroach into the neatly maintained back yards of the unfortunate homeowners who live next to it. 

They said that time and time again the residents have begged the course owners to rectify the problem, time and time again the course owners have promised to clean it up, and they haven’t. Lately the mulch piles were raked out a little and now I hear are causing drainage problems.

What can be done? The Mayor stated she didn’t know anything about this problem, but I find that hard to believe. I hope code enforcement can do something; there must be some code violations here.

I hope people show outrage at this blatant disrespect of a neighborhood. Let’s support

our residents and insist the club clean their property.

City Commission:
Joe Miller, District 1:
Ben Preston, District 2:

Marty Popelsky, District 3:

Bill Ganz, District 4:

Peggy Noland, Mayor:

Burgess Hansen City Manager: