Saturday, March 31, 2012

He Made My Day

If you have need for shoe repair or other cobbler services I suggest you go to the Deerfield Beach Palm Plaza, off Federal Highway on the west side just before 10th Street.  I think the name of the store is Cobbler Twelve, but it is on the right as you drive in off of Federal. 

I had two pair of shoes in need and a purse.  One pair, golf shoes, had the box toe caved in, and my loafers needed the decorative tie fixed.  The very friendly gentleman said Frank would look at the purse and let me know about it; then he tried his best to pound the golf shoe toe back in shape, but it just dimpled in again so he gave up.  He kept the loafers, and the purse.  The next day on the phone, Frank said the purse couldn’t be cleaned and that over time it should wear to a nice looking distressed patina and I should enjoy it the way it was, and oh, by the way, the shoes are ready. 

As I drove up to collect my things, the helpful owner was out on the sidewalk with a seriously important looking sewing machine stitching some leather thing, sort of blocking his store entry.  He smiled kind of shyly and moved so we could go in.  His store is small, and crammed with all sorts of shoe and leather things.  He returned the purse and the loafers which had been fixed and shined.

Charge?  NOTHING.  He didn’t think he did enough to charge me for. 

I tried to get him to take something but he was firm, nope, just come again he said.  I assured him I would. 

How wonderful an experience.

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