Saturday, March 17, 2012

Deerfield Beach Main Beach Parking Lot Plan

At the Deerfield Beach CRA meeting on Tuesday, March 20st 6:00 p.m. in City Hall, there will be a discussion about the redoing of the main beach parking lot.  After the residents made it clear to the Commission and the Commission and the CRA Board agreed that there would be no buildings on the parking lot a plan was devised to upgrade the parking area. 

Chen Moore Associates were hired to come up with a plan and they presented it to the CRA Board in January.  They said the plan would improve traffic circulation, create additional parking spots, unify the lots into one unified facility, screen an unsightly garbage dumpster, create a public gathering area for daily use and special events, update the parking meter system and improve landscaping and lighting.
To see the entire plan go to: (wait for the long download)

After the January meeting residents were generally in favor of the plan, but questioned the traffic redirection.  Closing 1st Street was questioned.  Many think it should not be closed, especially without allowing Hillsboro Blvd. to continue through from the bridge.  Some saw problems with having everyone come into the lot on 2nd Street.  The plan is to have Hillsboro traffic continue across but that will not happen until A1A is widened and there is no money for that for the foreseeable future.  This could mean traffic problems for quite a few years.

Other residents questioned the proposed plan for the amphitheatre like seating wall facing the Ocean.  Concerns were that it was unnecessary and would be nothing but a skateboard magnet, and if it was to be white as in the picture it would become dirty and unsightly very quickly.  The concrete benches at the beach were mentioned as an example, they are already smudged and dingy and they are not white.  Others mentioned the noise of presentations from the area and are fearful that musical events with blasting amplified sound would be more frequent.

Some questioned the amount of money such a large scale renovation would cost; the budget page of the conceptual plan puts the cost at $1,819,882.   

The CRA meeting allows resident input, if you have questions about the plan; please attend the meeting. It was said that the staff might recommend waiting to start the project, perhaps that is to hold some public meetings. 

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