Sunday, February 26, 2012

You just can't please some people.

A very bizarre thing happened at the District 1 meeting.  The owner of a bagel café in the Cove Shopping Center stood up and complained that the city wasn’t cleaning the sidewalk pavers in front of his store.

These pavers were installed on his property at no cost to him.  The entire shopping center is now attracting a larger number of shoppers very much to the benefit of his business.  CRA Director Keven Klopp said the city cleans and seals the pavers once a year, the rest of the time it is up to the businesses to keep their premises clean.  It’s his shop, his sidewalk.  Duh!!!

 Just to see what he was talking about while I was at the Green Market I walked the entire perimeter of the center looking to see if the pavers were stained in front of all the stores, and how much they might need cleaning. 

What I found was that most sidewalks were clean and neat.  Some had some dirt in front of their benches and tables from people sitting and eating and drinking, but it looked like those places have pride of ownership and clean the sidewalks periodically, so the dirt was not ingrained; except, in front of the bagel shop which was really filthy.  It appeared they were never cleaned by the owner. I wonder if this is indicative of how he keeps his cafe.

 If you care about your business, and want to attract customers, isn’t it just common sense to keep your surroundings, including the sidewalk in front of your business clean and attractive.

Instead of thanking the city for a great job fixing up the Shopping Center, he lets his property become disgustingly filthy and then has the gall to come to a public meeting and complain about it. 

I’m thinking that if someone gave him a sack full of solid gold bricks, he would complain that they were too heavy.  Good Grief!!!

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