Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exultation in Deerfield Beach

Yippee! There will be no Sea Oats or other plantings on the main beach.  They will be restricted to the mandated areas around the new pier upgrade, and will be non-spreading and non-invasive plants which will not grow out onto the rest of the beach.

How refreshing it is to have a commission that listens to the residents.  OK, they had to be hit over the head, but they did finally listen. 

Why, when first presented with the staff’s idea to plant sea oats and other plantings in areas on the main beach, the commission didn’t respond with outrage and incredibility, I will never know; especially Commissioner Miller, who spends a lot of time at the beach and is supposed to have the ear of the residents, it certainly was my first reaction. 

Again, why wasn’t also, the first reaction, to have a public workshop about this idea to find out what the area residents thought about it? The agenda item wasn’t even a public hearing.

What on God’s green earth could have been their thought process, when shown what sea oats grow into when planted on the sand.  Hmmmm, maybe they thought,

“Let’s see, how can we ruin the economy of the beach and turn it from the most beautiful, accessible people friendly beach in South Florida, into a high brown dune wall, and eventually make it impossible to see the water from the benches and the sidewalk?”

Yup, that must have been it. 

I actually heard the Mayor say it would be a good idea. Joe Miller also had a favorable reaction at first.  It seems the inconvenience of sweeping up some sand after a storm, and the once in 20 years or so mess after a hurricane trumped the beauty and open accessibility of our unique gem of a beach.

Ah, well, all’s well that ends well. 

Thanks to the OSOB committee and the alerted beach residents, they didn’t slip this one past us.

Thanks to the excellent research done by Bill Ganz, who seems to be carrying the entire city on his shoulders, we will continue to be able to enjoy the ocean view while sitting on the beach benches. 

Thanks to alert residents who inundated Joe Miller with solid reasons to keep the beautiful beach as is, we will still be able to spread our blankets on the grass and enjoy the sun without getting sandy.

Thanks to Ben Preston who immediately saw the idiocy of this proposal, we can continue to ride down Ocean Way and drink in the beauty of the ocean.

Thanks to the Mayor and Commissioner Popelsky, who can count, the vote was unanimous.

I truly hope, most likely in vain, that the city will include the residents in all future decisions about the beach, or other publicly owned property. 


  1. Yes thank you to all that brought it to our attention. And for your information Joe does not have his ear to the residents. The District 1 meeting was a farce, as Joe really could not answer any questions as Marty was there and if he was not going to be there it is my understanding that Bill would stand in. All of us should be outraged by the tactics used to avoid a meeting with any real substance. The Florida Sunshine laws were not written to be used this way and they all know it.

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  3. Question to save the Beach People?? I have heard that Joe Miller has promised the new restaurant at our new pier to someone already - does this not need to go to a bid? And now that I have heard that from a very reliable source, is there away around it legally where the commission or the commissioners can give it to the person they like, and not based on a real bid. He has clearly told friends of mine not to bid for the location as he knows who he wants up there. That just does not sound right to me!!