Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cove Shopping Center Dedication Spoiled by a Snub

The Cove Shopping Center renovation was dedicated Saturday.  This is the renovation that Mayor Noland called putting lipstick on a pig.  Except on Saturday when she was congratulating the commission for getting it done.  What a hypocrite.  She did everything she could to stop it.  Only when she saw voters, who had taken part in the design of the center by attending the workshops then Commissioner Pam Militello planned, were overwhelming in favor of the fix-up did she reluctantly agree to it.  Also, she can count, 3 of the 5 commissioners wanted Pam’s project.

So, because of pressure from the public and dogged determination by Pam, the Shopping Center is now the gem Pam and the neighborhood envisioned.  The opening dedication was beautifully done, a fun event run by the CRA staff.  The parking lot looks beautiful, so the city is planning a number of events there.

What is happening?  New businesses are coming in, the stores already there are sprucing up their façades and people are spending time there walking around, and shopping.  Just as was predicted.  The nay-sayers said that wouldn’t happen.  Well I am happy to say to them, “I told you so!” 

One great disappointment on Saturday was that while the Mayor was taking credit for the renovation she completely ignored Pam.  Pam wasn’t invited to attend the dedication and she wasn’t asked to come up on the stage to say anything.  This was childish and petty.  There is no love lost between Peggy and Pam, but right is right.  Pam should have been an honored guest at the event.  Someone told me that Peggy asked for Pam at the ribbon cutting; a little too late and a lot too little Peggy.  You didn’t even ask Pam to come over to the ribbon cutting; if you wanted her there and didn’t want to speak to her personally a simple “Would any of the past commissioners please join us” would have sufficed.

I remember when the swimming pool was dedicated, at that time Peggy was not on the commission and Pam was.  Pam, recognizing the work Peggy had done to get the pool invited her to come up on stage.  I guess we know who has class in this city. 

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  1. Peggy Noland has been accused of many things, but having "class" is not one of them. It's unfortunate that Peggy Noland did not take two seconds to honor those individuals whose hard work and determination help to ensure the Cove beautification came to fruition. Even, though Peggy wouldn't swallow her pride and give credit where credit is due...Pam, the City knows and we thank you!!1