Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Website from the Florida Hometown Democracy Group

The website is now live. You are among the first to get a preview of our site that will soon be released to the public.

We are hoping that will be a good tool for activists, as well as those folks not yet informed about the costs of over-development. You’ll be able to see your local city or county approved and unbuilt residential development, the costs, property value decline of existing housing, vacancy and water supply --all from one place. In addition, articles and studies from other sources will corroborate website facts.

This is the untold story that politicians have ignored and do not want you to know. Our goal is to put this information readily at hand so you can see for yourself the economic and quality of life costs you will pay for new residential housing. It will be easy to share this information with your neighbors, politicians and the media.

It is our goal to depict 100 Florida Cities and Counties. So far we have about 60, so check back to see new city/county information and articles.

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Thanks for the good you do for Florida.

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