Monday, September 5, 2011

DCA Dead as a Doornail

The DCA growth management office is no more. Scott killed it.

In 1985 tough growth laws were enacted; the vision was to protect Florida from future sprawl and overdevelopment that had already wreaked havoc on so much of the state.

As soon as the laws were in place the watering down began, and by 2011 the tiger had become a declawed house tabby. But even though DCA approved 94% of projects, there were some really bad ones stopped, and others made smaller. And the laws made cities think long and hard about proper land use and zoning as the plans had to be submitted to the DCA for approval.


No longer will a city or county Land Use Plan have to get State approval. All lobbyists will have to do is convince the local commissioners if they want to get a land use change. How hard will that be? Think back on how easy it was for the Chait boys to convince the Tamarac and the County commissions to cave into changing a golf course to a housing development. All it took was some bribery and fast talking.

No longer will the State demand that developers put roads, schools, infrastructure and parks in their new developments. Guess who will have to foot the bill for that? Now we will be paying taxes to help line the pockets of land speculators. The city and county can pass ordinances demanding developers pay for roads and parks etc. but then who would donate to their campaign chests?

No longer will a developer have to convince the DCA that their project is needed, it won’t matter that there are hundreds of available units on the market, they will be allowed to build more anyway. So your used house will have to be even cheaper to compete with the shiny new ones.

Do you want to fight the plan to put a giant “whatever” in your neighborhood, you think it is incompatible with the area? Forget it, the new laws make it almost impossible for a grass roots movement to win, also forget going to referendum to put land use amendments in place. That option is now banned.

We can only hope that we get rid of Scott before the economy turns around.


  1. Just another example of Scott being in the pocket of big business. He doesn't have a thought for the citizens of Florida. Everyone please think before you vote!

  2. Correction needed - The Chaits bought Tamarac not Margate