Thursday, August 18, 2011

BSO is in

It’s done. The decision to have Deerfield’s fire rescue department operated by BSO was approved Tuesday evening. . After looking over the numbers and the agreement, I, who am very wary about giving the BSO control of over 50 percent of the city budget, think now that it was probably the right thing to do. Probably!

But, only time will tell; numbers aren’t everything. Most likely the commissioners think the same way, hoping against hope that they made the right choice.

In the agreement the city retains ownership of our fire stations and equipment which might make it possible to take back control if the BSO costs get out of line, however I wonder if after the 5 year contract is up whether any of the “equipment” we own but are letting BSO use will be in any condition to be useful. Maybe, I hope so, only time will tell.

This merger may well be the most important decision Deerfield Beach ever had to make. Do I think that there should be a referendum on the decision? Yes I do, but the city has a legal opinion that it is not necessary. Get two lawyers together and you will have two opinions. It would take a lawsuit to decide this.

I also think that there should have been meetings in all of the districts about the plan before the final decision. Ben Preston, newly elected District 2 commissioner voiced his disappointment that his district had no input into the decision making because Sylvia Poitier was suspended shortly after the beginning of the process.

This is the kind of highhanded decision making that years back, forced the OSOB to have a petition drive and referendum to amend the City Charter so that if the city wanted to lease or sell any city owned property worth more than $750,000 they would have to go to the voters in a referendum.

Everyone agrees that this is a very important decision. Everyone agrees that the commissioners are elected to represent what the residents want. What reason could there be not to share the unfolding of the plan and the projected savings and benefits?

Unfortunately, too many politicians get the idea that they know better than the voters who elected them, and that they can make decisions that are good for the city whether the residents agree or not. Their defense is that they are elected to do the will of the people and the people should let them do it. That is only valid, if the politicians actually know what the WILL of the people is. And in this case, without a referendum or at the very least city hall meetings sharing information, how could they know?

My guess is that the city residents would have, in view of the tanked economy, voted in favor of the merger, but we will never know.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chaz? Not Now, Not Ever!

“For now.” That is what Peggy Noland told the reporter. Chaz Steven’s will not be appointed to the Housing Authority Board “for now.” Is she leaving the door open for sometime in the future?

It seems so.

Thanks to Ben Preston, his appointment was found to be done improperly and due to the uproar of concerned residents, he won’t be reappointed at the next commission meeting.

Peggy, I cannot believe it!!! Chaz calls you a “cunt” and you think that is OK?

From the Urban Dictionary: “CUNT” – “Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language”.

Would Chaz do a good job? After all he (and only he) says there is something wrong with the DBHA. He says he has studied how the Authority works and only he of all the appointees will be able to get it to straighten up and fly right.

Who would be better? ANYONE is better than Timothy Stevens. Why? Because a person is known by their actions and deeds. And, anyone who has read Stevens’ blog over the last couple of years, back to when he started with soft porn pictures, knows he is immature and spiteful, and has absolutely no regard for accuracy or people’s feelings.

A board member needs to be able to work with others; honoring others’ ideas and values. Chaz has not shown the ability to do this. If someone doesn’t agree with him, or ignores him, or is old, or chubby (even people with whom he has never had a single conversation) they get hauled over the coals.

Unlike a real journalist, he doesn’t talk to the people he heaps scorn on; he has no use for their opinions, or reality. If he gets it into his head that they disagree with him, he infers they are homosexual and/or makes up offensive nicknames. Chaz is a master of insinuation. All he has to do is see a person in a setting and he fantasizes in print about what they might be doing. He is seldom right, but that doesn’t bother him at all.

He tries to ruin people’s reputations rather than appreciate that they are working toward improving the city. Notice that NO ONE lives up to his standards.

Recently he made a racist remark about Pam Davis, and was naive enough to think that an apology would clear the air. The deed defines the man.

After he apologized for saying Mrs. Davis needs things written in Ebonics to understand, he wrote, “I should have said she is a liar, a cheat, and an idiot.” Do we really want someone like this representing our city?

Who better????? ANYONE, but especially Sally Potter who is on the appointment list, she is a whiz with numbers, if there is anything even slightly “off” about the Housing Authority, she will spot it quickly. She will be up to speed on how the Housing Authority works in short order, all without calling anyone an idiot, or retarded.

Let’s get real; Chaz is not needed, not now, not ever.