Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Working!! The Cove Shopping Center is Lookin' Good!

It’s WORKING!! Redoing the Cove Shopping Center parking lot is attracting upgrades and new businesses exactly as area residents predicted when the parking lot fix-up was first proposed many years ago.

Fixing up the center was a priority for Pam Militello when she was elected to the commission. She worked to make the center what the residents and businesses wanted. After many meetings and workshops and proposals, a plan evolved.

Getting the plan off the ground took much too long, cronyism and politics reared their ugly little heads. It took much too much fighting with the commission to get the peoples’ will done, but finally the Cove is starting to look better. And the predicted is happening.

The Station House Restaurant started things off; their Key West style building set the tone for the rest of the center. A couple of the existing businesses took advantage of the CRA funds for façade upgrades and painted and added some Key West type touches. The 2 Georges Restaurant has applied for a CRA façade improvement incentive with plans to do a really spectacular re-do.

At Tuesday’s CRA meeting a discussion of the problem with new businesses and allotted parking showed the city looking to make things easier for new businesses moving in, and we heard about a proposed new upscale Italian Restaurant.

In spite of the gloom and doom of the naysayers, including our mayor, the Cove Shopping Center will soon not only look better, but it will have businesses that will attract many visitors and will be a “destination” in Deerfield Beach.

Let me say a loud, I TOLD YOU SO!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It answered lots of questions which I had.