Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Mystery

I don’t know Chaz Stevens, but I know what he has done. I also don’t know why he does what he does, it would take a psychotherapist to figure that out; but the results of his actions are clear.

Constructively he is going after corruption; destructively he has disgusting things to say about everyone except himself who tries to do or write anything about Deerfield Beach. On the one hand he excoriates people for not joining him in his jihad (help he doesn’t really want and would reject if offered) and then criticizes them for what they do.

This Timmy-Come-Lately’s brand of “schadenfreude” (It is not enough that I succeed, you must also fail) is damaging in many ways to the people of Deerfield Beach; especially in discouraging anyone who might want to run for office.

Only a few people care enough about the city to go to commission meetings, to run for office, or to write about the goings on. These few voices have kept watch on our Commission for years, reporting and reacting to what they see, they have made a big difference in the transparency of how our city is run. We have come a long way from the days, not so many years ago, of all business being done behind closed doors prior to each meeting.

These people are to be praised and encouraged, not ridiculed and discouraged. Agree with them or not, the brave few, from the raging granny with the guts to speak her mind week after week, the OSOBs who keep a watch on overdevelopment, a passionate young man, David, who is learning by trial and error, how best to stand up for his beliefs, bloggers Wayne and Jeff, to Arnold, Marge, Pam, Jean, Beulah, Kathy, Joan, Tom, Caryl, David, Jerry, and others, as Peggy puts it, “The same 5 people who go to all the meetings” (many more than 5, but not a crowd) now have to put up with accusations developed from a fertile imagination and being called nitwits, turds, fat, ugly, old and much, much worse.

For what sin? What have they done to deserve this treatment? These are private individuals whose only crime was to come to the attention of Stevens by having an opinion or to publically voice that they had never heard of him, or to ignore him, or support someone whom he is going after.

So what? You say. Well for me, nothing, I will continue to watch and report. If I see, what to me are bad projects I will do what I have done for over 12 years, stir the pot. Save some green space here and some trees there. I am not a nitwit and I have never claimed to be a genius but I will stack my IQ against Stevens’ any day of the week, and nothing a sociopath calls me can change my opinion of myself.

But I have heard others say they will never again speak out in public, or write a letter to the editor, or consider running for office or go to or speak up at commission meetings because of him. That is his devastation. That is just wrong.

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