Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Told You So when Amendment 4 was defeated

This is my Ha Ha, I TOLD YOU SO piece. I’m deleting the Ha Ha it as this is no laughing matter.

Governor Rick Scott and the Legislature are making the people in Florida who care about the quality of life in their neighborhood, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the traffic congestion and their taxes wish they had voted for Amendment 4.

Remember that one, the amendment that would have given the voters the right to vote on changes to their city’s growth management Comprehensive Land Use Plan, land uses, such as changing a golf course or a park to a housing development or an industrial park. It would have gone into the Florida Constitution, thereby ensuring that growth management and Comprehensive Plans would be required.

People fell for the massive media blitz telling them the fairy tale that Amendment 4 would cost jobs and create complications. Well we now have the folks in Tallahassee causing horrendous chaos and ensuring the loss of more jobs than the real estate bubble. All I see is workers and teachers being laid off, I haven’t seen any jobs created.

Our (not) representatives repealed growth management. Everglades and land conservation went down the drain. I fail to believe that the voters who put the current crop of slash and burners in really want to “put all the trees in a tree museum and charge all the people to see them.” but that will be the result of the elimination of the checks and balances and the Paving of Paradise to put up a parking lot.

Business friendly really means greed and gluttony wins the day, say good-by to clean air and water. Do we really want unregulated businesses whose entire focus is on the next quarter’s earnings?

Ex-Governor Graham, who instituted our Growth Management system around 1985 in reaction to the devastation caused by unrestrained development and sprawl thinks, according to Mike Mayo, that this session may be the lowest point in the history of the Florida Legislature.

No longer will developers be required to pay for schools, parks and roads in their projects, we the taxpayer will foot that bill unless our local commissions require it, and given who are the biggest contributors to their election campaigns I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

No longer will a developer be required to prove that their project will not harm the environment, if residents suspect it might, they will have to hire someone to prove it.

This fallacy that less regulation will equal more jobs is insane. There are millions of units of building already approved in this state and not being built because of the economy, not because of regulations. Regulations did not stop growth, over speculation did.

This is clearly an instance of the result of the massive power of the business lobbyist, and the lack of simple common sense on the part of the elected officials, or perhaps a strong desire to keep the deep pockets of businesses friendly and insure lots of campaign money for re-election time, as well as a lack of ethics and morals.

Whatever their reprehensible motivation, this group of scoundrels, heady with power, have royally screwed us.

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