Friday, April 22, 2011

Un-tie that YELLOW RIBBON from the old oak tree!!!!

All the trees in the median of Hillsboro that have the yellow tape around them will be CUT DOWN. Most of them are healthy and doing well. The oak trees took decades to mature to their beautiful tall full canopied form. As far as I am concerned there is no justification for this destruction.

A newspaper article by Betsy Roberts said: “During the next few weeks, Deerfield Beach will cut them down, as per a 2008 agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation. The reason, the state said, is that the trees obstruct the visibility of tractor trailer trucks along Hillsboro Boulevard. The trees will eventually be replaced by others that have been approved by the state.”

Let’s undo that agreement. Trim the trees. Restrict the trucks to the middle lane. SOMETHING!!!  The new trees will grow also, duh!!!


  1. I guess this shows what Deerfield thinks about Earth Day!

    Ron Coddington

  2. How much green will this cost us, besides the obvious?

    This is another waste of the taxpayers money. I guess so much for fiscal responsibility.

    I love that last statement! It's so obviously

  3. What documation does the State have that the trees present a safety hazzard? Where is the proof?