Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Resident Speaks Up.

A lettter to Commissioner Joe Miller, one of the many that the city is receiving about the Hillsboro Blvd. tree slaughter.

Dear Joe:

In the last few days I have been reading, with amazement, the plan to cut down many of the beautiful flowering trees that line Hillsboro Blvd. As you probably already know, these trees were originally selected for planting along the boulevard because (1) they are beautiful, (2) they have maximum resistance to high (i.e. hurricane force) winds, and (3) they are native species. They were planted a long time ago and are now, finally, at maturity and have reached their most beautiful state.

It is a travesty to have the City of Deerfield Beach now propose to cut down these trees. We have one of the most beautiful thoroughfares in the area, and the proposal is to destroy that beauty and replant, once again, with other non-native species that will take years to mature. The Royal Palms that are suggested for re-planting are not native to Florida.

I strongly object to cutting of the flowering trees along Hillsboro Blvd. If the trees require trimming in certain areas to allow for better traffic visibility, then let them be trimmed. Also, traffic signs should be erected stating that no trucks should be allowed to travel in the left lanes unless they will be turning left at the next intersection. This will remove the objection that the trees obstruct the vision of truck drivers who are seated high in their cabs. It will also remove the possibility of semi-tractor-trailer trucks damaging the trees in pursuit of their commercial profits.

I realize that the tree cutting will not take place in your district. However, this is an opportunity to let your voice be heard to keep the entire community of Deerfield Beach beautiful. In the last election you told us how you were going to stand up for keeping Deerfield Beach as the beautiful, desirable place to live. This is your opportunity to do exactly that. Please stand up, be heard on this topic, and support retention of the flowering trees along Hillsboro Blvd.
Sincerely Yours,
Your constituent,
Joseph Dsida

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