Friday, April 29, 2011

Rare Native Trees at Risk

Kathy Maggie writes about the plan to take out over 100 trees from the Hillsboro Boulevard median:
Per the cities landscape architects "Tree Report" there are 206 trees in the median. There are 76 Swietenia mahogani (Mahogany) in that total of which 29 are in good condition and will remain, 34 in good condition will be removed and 13 in poor condition will be removed. I will concede there are a few that do need to be removed. They all range an average height of 25 to 35' tall.

 I must note: having lived in Deerfield since 1960 and being a tree lover, knowing and understanding what they do for us, until I needed to research for this un-noticed to the public project, (editor's note, the project never had any public meetings or unput)  I never knew how rare this tree has become, nor, that Florida is the only place you can find them in the USA and narrowed even more with the fact they are only in Broward, Miami-Dade, Collier and Monroe Counties.

These Mahoganies are saturated throughout Deerfield, due to our prior City Forester, Zeke Landis and his dream of a canopy over our city which he created over 25 years ago. In his planting he was exact in his knowledge of what could take a storm and drought situations. What he planted all went thru the storms of 2004/2005 and today are beautiful again. Mr. Landis retired from the city due to illness and eventually passed away but the legacy he left us with, which is, the oxygen we breath and the shade that cools us, should not and can not be torn down.

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