Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Deerfield Beach is known for its beautiful Hillsboro Boulevard median trees, the canopy is one of the most mentioned features of Deerfield second only to the beach.

121 trees in the median of Hillsboro (the ones marked with yellow tape) are slated to be CUT DOWN. The mahogany and oak trees took decades to mature to their beautiful tall full canopied form.

The city’s rationale for this chain saw massacre is that the trees obstruct the visibility of tractor trailer trucks along Hillsboro Boulevard.

Deerfield Beach wants to cut down 71% of the live oaks, 59% of the mahoganies, and 100% of the geiger trees. Of the 121 trees the City of Deerfield Beach wants to remove, at least 56 or 46% are recommended "Wind Resistant Trees" according to the very publication the City cites as an authority. And all of the "Wind Resistant Trees" that the City wants to remove are also native species.

Yet of the 126 trees the City wants to use as replacements, only 52% are on the "Wind Resistant Tree" list, only if you consider Royal Palms as trees.

In summary, the City is planning to cut down 121 trees, and replace them with 126 trees (includ-ing palms), for a 6% net increase in Wind Resistant Trees.

The question of sight distance is not relevant because virtually all of the trees have canopies 5 feet or more above the sight line datum, which is consistent with DOT standards nor do the branches touch the trucks going by.

What is odd about this is the City says they applied specific criteria to determine which trees to cut and which trees not to cut, but the facts do not support their reasons.

Given this, how, in a county that is built out from ocean to the everglades can anyone justify allowing these majestic beauties fall to the chain saw?

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