Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Glimmer of Hope for the Hillsboro Trees

I talked to Mayor Noland, Commissioner Miller and Commissioner Ganz after the CRA meeting on Tuesday. Those three stay late after the meeting, as during the meeting’s formal agenda we were told we couldn’t address anything not involving the CRA.

All three agreed to delay action on cutting the trees. The thinking seemed to be that no action has been taken since 2008 so a few more months to investigate wouldn’t hurt.

The often cited 2008 agreement, approved by Deerfield Beach’s Commission did not say any-thing about cutting all the trees. It stated the grant would be used for landscaping parts of Hillsboro Boulevard and to remove “DAMAGED” trees. Damaged, not healthy!

I knew it had to be something like that as Pam Militello was on the commission then and as sure as the sun rises over Deerfield Beach I know she would never have agreed to a plan to cut those trees.

On the city’s own spreadsheet, most of the trees are designated in “good” condition.

I have seen the 2008 agreement, and the current plan for the boulevard, but have not seen where that agreement to remove damaged trees turned into cutting down our entire mature tree canopy on the Hillsboro Blvd. median.

Now that we are promised a delay on the chain saw massacre perhaps we can get some right thinking planning which landscapes the median’s low bushes and ground cover, replaces the sick and spindly trees and keeps our healthy trees, including our beautiful oaks, the many majestic (wind resistant) mahoganies and those harbingers of summer, our signature yellow tabs.

My next door snowbird neighbor stopped by last evening and was so mad about the trees that she had called a group of her friends together to a breakfast at the beach this morning to talk about what they could do to save the trees. She especially said that everyone she knows loves the yearly blooming of the yellow tabs. You can be sure they will be calling city hall.

I heard a rumor that County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs has insisted that the plan be stopped pending an investigation. I hope that is true. Go Kristin!!!!!

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  1. Great Job, Bett! From the video and the pictures there seems to be nothing wrong with these trees and from your information the City's plan does not make fiscal sense. What is the total cost for removal and then purchasing of new trees plus planting as opposed to correctly pruning and tending the trees that are currently there? This money could be more wisely spent in other places.