Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach Renourishment Project "Cover Up"

The coral reef is being covered up in more than one way.

The city seems to be seriously downplaying the reason the beach renourishment project has been shut down. The real reason shows a callous disregard by the contractor and precious little over-sight by either Deerfield Beach or Hillsboro Beach.
It looks like the feds only stepped in after private citizens complained about the damage to the coral reef. The city notice gives no reason for the “delay” of the project. HOW COULD THIS BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE FOR DAYS AND DAYS, AFTER EVEN ONE DAY SHOWED PERMIT VIOLATIONS?

The city posted a notice saying that:
“The renourishment work in Deerfield Beach has been temporarily delayed. As soon as an update is available, it will be posted on this ( website.

Turbidity Monitoring

As a condition of environmental agency permits, state, federal and local agencies are required to stringently monitor turbidity in the coastal zone and in the borrow area, at different depths, mul-tiple times a day. If any of these samples reflect a reading greater than 29 NTUs, the contractor is required to cease all operations and make corrective actions.”
This from the Reef Rescue folks is a “bit” more detailed about why they were shut down:

"Feds issue Cease and Desist Order to shut down beach renourishment project

Amid reports of massive silt plumes and coral reef burial the US Corp of Army Engineers, on Friday (April 1, 2011), issued an order to the Town of Hillsboro Beach to immediately cease beach renourishment activities. A copy of the order can be viewed at:  .

Environmental groups have been gathering evidence since the project began in mid-March of daily permit violations that have resulted in silt plumes travelling for miles beyond compliance requirements. Cleanup and mitigation costs for project environmental impacts could exceed many millions of dollars.

On Sunday March 27, beach-goers braved a sea of mud as silt levels measured 10 times the project permitted standards. (Reef Rescue photo)

Palm Beach County Reef Rescue
PO Box 207 * Boynton Beach, FL 33425"
I would think the chamber of commerce would be up in arms about this. Oops, we don’t have a functioning chamber of commerce. We have a social club who went bankrupt and now spends all it’s time trying to wheedle money out of big businesses. Any small business or our tourism trade has to go whistle in the wind for any support.

What do you think the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce is? (adapted from a post on the National Chamber by Allison Fisher Outreach Director Public Citizen’s Climate & Energy Program)

(A) A supportive group, representing small businesses like your favorite restaurant or a local car dealership.

(B) Related to the United States Department of Commerce, a federal government agency.

(C) The official voice of the entire business community.

(D) A group, (like their parent organization) made of lobbyists who push damaging policies that benefit big business at the expense of people and businesses on Main Streets across America.

The correct answer, of course, is D.

The Chamber of Commerce does not speak for you or me. It speaks for giant corporations who want to pollute our democracy, our economy and our planet in their never-ending pursuit for profits.

How sad for our Country, how sad for our City, how sad for the coral reefs.

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