Monday, March 28, 2011

Really, Really, Bad Idea: Golf Courses in State Parks

Everyone knows that Florida has too many golf courses competing for too few players. Hard times have come to Florida’s golf courses, the economy, an aging clientele, fewer snowbirds, and a shrinking year round population all have made it harder to make a profit.

But now we hear about a dastardly idea from Jack Nicklaus and Rick Scott called the “Jack Nicklaus Golf Trail of Florida” act. This is sponsored by Sen. Thrasher and Rep. Pat Rooney, a scary pair who I am sure would have no scruples about also paving over the rest of the Everglades.

This insanity will put new golf courses in a minimum of 5 state parks financed by bonds and designed by guess who?

Look what happens when the government tries to run a golf course, this from a post by Mark Woods:
“Perhaps our politicians should look at Georgia. The state has golf courses in 10 state parks. Most consistently lose money. So a couple of years ago Georgia tried to privatize the ones it runs. Didn't get any qualified bidders. And in this economy, nobody is building new courses.”

“…Last year, even with cut rates, the number of rounds played on the First Coast was down by 9.6 percent. And in the last five years, a half dozen courses in North Florida have closed - including one designed by another legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer.”
But “business friendly” Scott who wants to privatize everything else wants to pollute our parks, and ruin the beautiful natural environments that draw 20 million visitors a year without even the need for putting greens.

There can be no argument that golf courses are water hogs and are liberally strewn with herbicides and pesticides, a byproduct of which is arsenic contamination and nitrate polluted runoff water.  Oh, yes, and in doing this he doesn’t seem to care that he will be taking business away from the courses that are already there.

One park named to be co-opted by Nicklaus is the Martin County Jonathan Dickenson Park. A park surrounded by golf courses already struggling for players. Won’t they be thrilled by the competition? The list below is of the courses in Martin County’s 752.79 square miles, one course for every 16.7 square miles. But Jack and Rick think we need another one.

Martin County Golf Courses :

1. 76 Golf World

2. Admirals Cove Golf Course

3. Admirals Cove Golf Village - North/West Course

4. Admirals Cove Golf Village - South/North Course

5. Admirals Cove Golf Village - West/South Course

6. Champions Club at Summerfield

7. Cobblestone Country Club

8. Cutter Sound Golf & Yacht Club

9. Cypress Links Golf Club

10. Eagle Marsh Golf Club

11. Eaglewood Country Club

12. Evergreen Club, The

13. Floridian Yacht & Golf Club

14. Golden Bear Golf Club at Hammock Creek, The

15. Golf Club of Jupiter, The

16. Harbor Ridge Yacht & Country Club - Crane Creek Course

17. Harbor Ridge Yacht & Country Club - Golden Marsh Course

18. Harbor Ridge Yacht & Country Club - River Ridge Course

19. Harbor Ridge Yacht & Country Club - Tower Course

20. Heritage Ridge Golf Club

21. Hobe Sound Golf Club

22. Indian River Plantation Golf Club

23. Indianwood Golf & Country Club

24. Island Dunes Country Club

25. Jonathan's Landing at Old Trail - Fazio (Jonathan's Landing) Course

26. Jonathan's Landing at Old Trail - Fazio (Old Trail) Course

27. Jonathan's Landing at Old Trail - Hills (Old Trail) Course

28. Jupiter Dunes Golf Course

29. Jupiter Island Club

30. King Mountain Condo Association

31. Loblolly Pines Golf Course

32. Lost Lake Golf Club

33. Loxahatchee Club

34. Mariner Sands Country Club - Gold/Blue Course

35. Mariner Sands Country Club - Red/White Course

36. Mariner Sands Country Club - The Gold Course

37. Mariner Sands Country Club - The Green Course

38. Medalist Golf Club, The

39. Miles Grant Country Club

40. Monarch Country Club

41. Pine Lakes Golf Club

42. Piper's Landing Country Club

43. Sailfish Point Golf Club

44. Willoughby Golf Club

45. Yacht & Country Club, The

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