Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post Election Thoughts

Dear Joe,

Congratulations on your election but please don’t take it as a mandate that you should continue acting the way you did for the last 2 years. More people voted for the other two candidates than voted for Joe Miller so over half your district is not satisfied with you.

What to do? Start thinking independently with only the residents of the district in mind. Please keep in mind that we are in financial trouble and vote accordingly. You seem to have a fear of controversy, you fear displeasing people. Well stop that! You don’t have to please the other commissioners by your vote; you need to vote in the best interests of the residents, all of them not just your beach group.

The residents of District 1 like Deerfield Beach. Remember how many said they moved here because of the way it is. They do not want to be Boca Raton no matter how much Janice Becker would like that, the people who live here do not.

Get to know the people in the annexed area, find out what the people west of Federal Highway care about, and answer your phone and emails seriously and timely, get out and meet the people.

You seem to have developed a manner of acting while doing business which may serve you well when talking to individual customers but has come back to bite you on the commission. You must not try to please everyone. You have a habit of agreeing with the person you are talking to and then turning around and agreeing with the next person who has the opposite idea. You are trying to be a nice guy and be liked but that only serves to make people like me suspicious of everything you say. I don’t trust what you say to me because I find out later that you said the opposite to someone else. Cut that out!

I believe you want what is best for the city, but you don’t know what that is. Well, find out, by yourself. Talk to everyone in all parts of the city, rich and poor, homeowner and renter, business man and retiree, argue with them, debate with them, don’t just agree with them, and then, armed with valid information you will be able to make a decision. You can be a good commissioner, but not if you weigh the opinions of your beach buddies over the rest of the district and not if you continue letting others make your decisions.

About Sylvia:

Deerfield Beach residents who never go to commission meetings only know about Commissioner Sylvia Poitier by reputation, and what they hear in District 2 about how Sylvia works hard to bring benefits to the district.

And, in truth, I guess she used to, and I guess she still has the reputation. But a commissioner needs to be more than a district commissioner; a commissioner serves the whole city.

Those who don’t attend meetings regularly have not experienced the mess that happens during a commission meeting resulting from either Sylvia's lack of reading her backup, and/or bad memory and/or comprehension.

Too often seems that she has no idea what is going on or what is being voted on and this hurts the way the commission runs. She frustrates all the other commissioners with inane remarks and questions; she often has to be reminded what they are talking about and more than once she had them redo her vote almost getting the city sued. Sadly, this type of behavior creates ridicule.

For a while the Commissioners didn’t say much to her, probably because they didn't want to be called racist, as she plays the race card often, but eventually they couldn't stand it anymore and publically tried to get her to stop her rambling and interrupting to no avail. A signal light system was installed which she mostly ignores.

I don't know what has changed in her life but she really needs to retire. She said she would for the last 2 elections and then went back on her word.

I worry what will happen now that she is reelected I fear she will get worse and worse and really do some damage to the city and the image of elected African Americans, she may not know she is slipping, but everyone else does. She should wake up and step down for the good of her district.

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