Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deerfield Beach salary guide should reflect the times

Wow! It is about time!! There has been long festering resentment among Deerfield Beach employees because of the Department heads and Managers who received raises above the top of the pay scale. Elgin Jones reports that the City is finally going to restructure the guide.


By Elgin Jones

Deerfield Beach city officials will move to roll back the salaries of about 45 employees who are being paid above the caps of their salaries. The group comprises the city’s highest paid managers and department heads, mostly. Without commission approval, the group somehow received pay increases several years ago totaling tens of thousands of dollars. In related news, the city is proposing to end all raises, increase the amount employees pay for healthcare and restructure its pay scales. City Manager Burgess Hanson presented the proposals at the outset of labor negotiations with the general employees union, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.
Cities should restructure the pay guides every year, check over the categories, adjust the guide to reflect the numbers of employees in a level, and even out the steps. Perhaps the top of the guide should be revised upward, perhaps not.

These days I don’t think we have to fear the “good” employees leaving us to go to another city if we don’t pay them more, however when the economy improves and we can once again afford it, the guide should reflect the current worth of the job the employee does and not a years old obsolete salary guide.

The uproar about the employees who got paid above the top of the guide was justified. I don’t know if the raises were reasonable or not, perhaps the employees deserved the raises but the City Manager at the time and the Board had no authority to award those raises as they were above the cap for the position. It certainly was suspicious that the raises were awarded in such a sneaky way; why not just revise the pay guide? And when the hanky-panky was discovered, the raises were not rescinded, they were allowed to stand, and still no revision. We had years of “illegal” payments and the commission never demanded an accounting, never demanded a new salary guide there was some discussion, but no action.

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  1. Nice that one got straightened out and that your city is taking action. There are always sneaky things going on behind the scenes even in my city. That's why I attend every meeting and I still can get fooled.