Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deerfield Beach Beach Parking Sticker Fee, Still $50

Good news for Deerfield Beach residents. I see from the back of the water bill that the commission has not raised the beach parking permit fee. During the budget process the commissioners voted to raise the fee from $50 to $100. In this economy people may not want to buy the sticker even at $50.

I hope the reason that the fee wasn’t increased was because of an outcry from residents. It would be nice to know the commission was listening to their constituents. We should have some perks as residents; after all it is our taxes that pay for the maintenance of the beach.

Or, perhaps they did an informal survey as I did and found that people who use the beach infrequently just won’t buy a sticker. Many of my neighbors buy a sticker even though they only go to the beach once or twice a month, if that, they said the $50 was worth it for the convenience, however at $100 they said no way! Some said for the infrequent times they go to the beach they would use valet parking and save money over the $100 fee.

I am sure that the $100 fee would increase dramatically, the number of people who park for free at the Cove Shopping Center and walk over the bridge to the beach - that would not be good for the businesses there.

So, here’s a high five to the commission, (unless the fee printed on the back of the water bill was a mistake because they forgot to tell the employee responsible for the printing of the notices about the change, then, high five to whoever made the mistake and gave us a one year reprieve).

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  1. Thank you for keeping the beach sticker at $50....Thank you!