Monday, September 6, 2010

OSOBs left out of Deerfield Beach recap.

There was an article in the Pelican Newspaper recently about the history of Deerfield Beach. There was no mention of the part the Original Save Our Beach played in protecting our beach and city. Funny as the author of the article was Judy Wilson who was very vocal about the OSOBs when we were fighting to save the main beach parking lot from a hotel and commercial development, fighting to put back the building codes her commissioner cronies voted out in favor of developers who wanted to build from curb to curb, and fighting to save the Pier from a giant banquet hall restaurant..

Over the years Wilson, when writing for the Observer, progressed from calling the OSOB group “disgruntled housewives”, to “homegrown terrorists” and finally to a “polished political machine”. Her opinion of us never changed, just her perception of our effectiveness. As our group was responsible, more so than any other, for protecting the quality of life in Deerfield Beach, it is surprising that she didn’t mention us at all. Or, maybe it is not so surprising since she never supported any of the OSOB efforts to protect our beach area and the residents' quality of life.

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