Friday, September 3, 2010

Deerfield Beach Commissioners FINALLY do the Right Thing

It looks as if the Cove Shopping Center parking lot will get its upgrade after all. After a very long time and lukewarm if not downright hostile reactions by most of Deerfield Beach’s commissioners to a plan developed by residents and business owners, they finally did the right thing and voted to award the contract to fix up the center.

An amusing (or distressing) note, when the Commissioners voted to award the contract, Sylvia at first voted no. When she realized she was the only no vote, she changed her vote to yes. How’s that for the courage of your convictions. Did she really think it was a bad idea, her no vote certainly seemed to indicate that? Did she change her mind in the less than a minute between her no vote and her recantation? I would think not, so whazzz up with the turnaround? Politics is a strange animal. Is it in her mind to pull a switcheroo at the next meeting and try to get the award voided? What other reason could there be to really think something should be voted down, vote no, and then change your vote? (To bring it up again she would have to be on the prevailing side of the vote.) Deerfield certainly has precedent for that, we shafted the local recycling guy, re-member? I hope they get that contract signed ASAP.

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