Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deerfield Beach Residents Discuss the Cove Shopping Center

Keven Klopp did a really great job at last night’s meeting about the Cove Shopping Center. He set it up to encourage participation which was excellent, but best of all he presented a way the project could go forward with very little interruption to business. He is to be commended for the good job. I most likely would have lost my temper at the juvenile antics of some of the business owners, but he stayed cool throughout, and yet gave the message that the project was good for the city and very workable.

I have a friend who works in a store in Boynton in a center very like the Cove. He said they did a complete revision of the Boynton center and the contractors were so good at what they did that they didn’t lose any business at all. The center was renovated in a timely manner and with al-most no dust. This will be our experience also.

I am glad that Mr. Pavone signed the sidewalk easements for his properties, that must make all commissioners feel better about moving forward as his was a strong voice. Commissioners represent not only their friends, and not only the people in their districts, but the residents of the entire city who overwhelmingly are in favor of getting the entrance to their world class beach look less like a third world backward mess and more like what our beach and soon Hillsboro Blvd. show how we care about our city.

The Cove renovation is good for the city. The timing will never please everyone, it can’t. The construction will be better than some believe, and worse than some hope, that is a given. But it will be done at the best time it can be done, during a slow time in the economy, and off season.

The doctor who said there are parking problems is wrong, I go to the shopping center often and I never have to park more than one row away, and usually get a place in front of where I am going even during the season. I remember during the study of this plan, and the workshops some neighbors did a survey of the parking and found that except for Friday night when the Cove Restaurant and, at the time, Charlie’s Crab took all the spots, there was no lack of spots.

His trying to make the point about parking is just an example of the selfish point of view of the doctor and a very few others in the center. Keven explained how the city would bend over back-wards to provide parking and a shuttle.

More typical is how Dr. and Mrs. Bruno and Robert of the Fiesta feel as well as how the resi-dents who participated in the Charettes feel. One Cove resident told me, “I participated in all the meetings the city had and never saw any improvement; I will not go to any more meetings!” They are disgusted that it has taken so long. They are happy that Keven has finally gotten started and expect the city to honor their promises.

Remember the recycling mess when the contract was voted and then taken back, the credibility of the city was damaged greatly. This is similar to that.

Sylvia’s idea of knocking the whole place down is impossible as there are too many owners and no rich billionaire developer waiting to buy them out. A yes vote will upset some people; a no vote will upset some people, residents and businesses alike. All commissioners should take it as a given that they will not make everybody happy and do the right thing for the entire city.

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