Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Deerfield Beach Cove Shopping Center Meeting

Subject: New Event Cove Shopping Center Parking Lot Reconstruction Project

Meeting  5 p.m. August 24th, City Hall

Could they have come up with a worse time? 5pm, on Election Day.

Or perhaps it's a perfect time, dinner time for families, and a good time to make sure no working people can be there, they are voting or commuting.  Then they can say no one cares.

And, what's up with another meeting anyway, we had meetings galore, 250 people had a say, the design was finalized. Nothing has changed.

Except that it is a better time than ever to do the renovation, the economy is slow and the disruption will be minimal. Now because 3-4 disgruntled shop owners want to stop the construction and keep the center looking like a slum, we have ANOTHER meeting.

What a joke. I will be there, but my instinct is to say what's the use, they don't listen anyway, which I am sure the neighbors of the cove will say, and what the Mayor is counting on.

Mrs. Bruno said it well, you promised us, she said, and now you are going back on that. Shame on you.

Sylvia's pie in the sky idea of making this into a River Walk could never happen, she knows it and we know it, and as Mizner Park and the Ft. L Riverwalk are broke, not a good idea at all.

People who want a parking garage know it is not a good idea for the city to partner in that, it is a BIG money loser and will make the entrance to our beach area look terrible, they have selfish reasons for wanting the city to spend money on a garage.

So, what's the holdup. Who will make money from this not happening?????  Answer that and you will know why we are having another useless meeting.

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