Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not you too, Joe?

Last night (Tuesday) Deerfield Beach commissioners, acting as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board (CRA), considered the recommendation of the Real Estate Consulting Services Review Committee to contract with The Urban Group for consulting services to the CRA for the purpose of deciding what properties in the CRA area should be bought by the city.

Ho hum, boring, this is a no brainer, thought I. I am not in favor of spending city money on properties for developers, but the commission, it seems, is.

The review committee went over many proposals and ranked the Urban Group the highest. The Urban Group has experience with CRAs and came out in the raking on top of all other bids so I assumed (yeah, I know) the commissioners would respect the work of the committee and pick them.

But, I forgot, this is Deerfield Beach. Sylvia immediately interrupted with a comment about how Campbell & Rosemurgy should be the one.

Keven Klopp, wearing his hat as CRA Director patiently explained that a local firm would most likely have conflicts and although Rosemurgy ranked high, the Urban Group ranked higher, and was an out of town company which would lower the possibility of conflict. He mentioned however that the location of the company did not enter into the ranking of the committee, and the Urban Group was still the highest. Sylvia didn’t like hearing that. Not to be outdone by Sylvia, Joe piped up with a comment about Dreyer’s REMAX firm, and wanted to know how they ranked. Dreyer lives near Miller and they are good friends.

Keven patiently went over the process and the thinking behind the choice and again got a lecture from Sylvia which had no point that I could discern. Come the vote and The Urban Group was turned down.

I guess Joe wanted Dryer, Sylvia wanted Rosemurgy and Marty, who had not said anything during the entire discussion, must have been thinking of what he owed to his campaign donators and also voted no.

The beat goes on in Deerfield Beach, I am not even mildly surprised about Sylvia and Marty, however I thought better of Miller. I really was surprised that he apparently chose a personal friendship over the recommendation of the committee especially in light of the fact that he so often mentions his morals and ethics and religious beliefs.

When it was his turn to vote, he paused, made a bunch of faces, furrowed his brow, and pursed his lips as though the decision between a friend and the good of the city was a really hard decision. Then he voted no.

I was really disappointed in him.

Now, the commissioners are going to look over the proposals themselves. WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR A SELECTION COMMITTEE????? I guess they want to rationalize why their friends should get the contract and not the best firm.


  1. The Urban Group is a fine firm that has done significant work with FDOT. There are several firms that have experience with state or county R/W dept. An experienced firm is essential since Federal and State Law must be followed in acquisition of property if you are going to receive any federal funds. A-i-A improvement will have some federal funding. If it can;t be shown that all fed regs were followed then fed funding will be jeoparodized. The city should not use an inexperienced firm.

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