Thursday, June 10, 2010

Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale for Florida Hometown Democracy

From senior citizens, a city commissioner, a candidate running against Ron Klein for Congress, to college students, there were about 40 people who demonstrated in front of the YOLO Restaurant last evening with our hand-made Vote YES signs while we watched Mercedes after Mercedes pull up to drop off those who are considered by some to be the crème de la crème-- influential with tons of money and everything to lose--they got the best parking spots.

From a car that was owned by Scott Rothstein who just got sentenced to 50 years in prison to Wayne Huizenga, and people adorned with Rolexes dressed as if they stepped out of Vogue with pockets full of cash, all came to give a lot of money to defeat Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4.As they are caught up in the rapture of lies and influence, I couldn’t help but think that some people really have no clear understanding of this Amendment.

They were there to rub shoulders with the rich, famous and infamous no matter what. They have been told over and over again by the Chamber of Commerce that this will be bad for business and they have gone along with the sham.

On the other side of the fence we were all dressed for the occasion and all with a common message: "Our communities, homes and taxes are far too important to leave to politicians and lobbyists," said Bett Willett, a Deerfield Beach community activist and local Amendment 4 leader. "We deserve a seat at the table and a vote."Read about it in the Sun Sentinel"

Mismanaged growth destroys communities," said group president Blackner. Amendment 4 will simply add "another layer of protection against unwanted developments."Rising taxes, falling home values, gridlocked roads, dwindling water supplies and Florida’s disappearing beauty are just some of the devastating consequences of Florida politicians’ habit of rubber stamping speculative plan changes.

Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 changes all that by giving voters veto power over these changes to your community’s master plan for growth.

Vote YES on 4 this November 2.
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Pictures from Wednesday's Amendment 4 Rally:

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