Friday, June 25, 2010

Deerfield Beach Residents, Come on Over!

This past Thursday, Commissioner Bill Ganz held another District 4 meeting. A word of advice to people in Districts 1, 2 and 3: if you want to know what is going on in the city trek on over and sit in on Bill’s regularly held meetings. The city website has the time and place posted.

Don’t wait for Mayor Peggy Noland to hold a town meeting, (scarce as hen’s teeth), or Joe Miller to actually hold a meeting, or in that infrequent event to bring up or deal with anything controversial.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to learn anything about District 2 or anything else going on in the city at Commissioner Poitier’s occasional, single topic, self serving meetings; all you will hear is broad sweeping rants about injustice and why “her people” should vote for her, and some inflammatory nonsense about how badly the city treats her. People in glass houses….

Oh, yes, you folks in District 3, if you had come across the street to Bill’s meeting you would have found out what a district meeting looks like, you would have had the novel experience of finding out what’s going on with code enforcement, what services our city provides for senior citizens at the Focal Point center, what really happened at the Mango festival fiasco, what is going on with 10th street and the MPO’s plans, and what’s happening with the city budget (we have a new philosophy of budget development); you would have learned that even with cuts, something like 45 to 60 part-timers are being RIFfed (Reduction In Force), your taxes will most likely still go up, and why. You would have heard our new BSO chief, and met his handsome new second in command.

And, best of all, you would have been given a chance to ask questions of city staff and Commissioner Ganz, and, he would have listened to your long winded rants politely (mostly) and (gasp! unbelievable as this might be to a member of another district) would have acted on your concern if there was anything the city could do to address it.

The cookies are good, the water is cold and the coffee hot (well, they forgot the creamer, I know, picky, picky!) so next time, come on over!

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