Friday, June 11, 2010

County Corrects Deerfield Beach Commissioners' Mistake

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! Broward County Commissioners voted 8-1 to defeat David Eller’s proposal to change part of the Deerfield Country Club from recreational to industrial. (Why? Can you spell A-M-E-N-D-M-E-N-T 4? So perhaps we should thank Florida Hometown Democracy.)

The results are in; Deerfield Beach Commissioners Noland, Poitier and Popelsky are official rubber stampers. No matter what fat cat comes along, they bend over and say yes. No perceivable brain activity between request and approval. The county, thank your lucky stars, said they wanted more information; wanted to make sure the land use change was good for the county; the terrible three just said yes.

With almost no thought given to the repercussions of their acts, they approve whatever the lobbyists pitch. Good-by representative government. We have government by the buddy system. If you are the commissioner’s buddy, you get what you want. Peggy’s and Sylvia’s good friends at Sun Recycling get a “Sure buddy, don’t worry about taxpayers dollars, even though you are more expensive who cares, you’re our friend so here’s the contract on a silver platter”. Popelsky was ready to give them the contract when it was a quarter of a million over the other bid. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE FOR THE TAXPAYER???

They said of course, buddy Eller, it is a shame you can’t add to your millions with a profitable golf course (which I understand used to be well maintained, but when I played it last month was so bad I wouldn’t waste my money on it again) who cares that Fairway Drive is too small for the traffic, and Hillsboro is already rated F, don’t worry that Broward County is totally built out and has precious few open spaces left, and there are acres of empty industrial and commercial spaces begging for tenants. Those things pale in comparison to buddy Eller and his cronies’ need to make a quick buck. Yes, of course they knew what they were buying when they bought the golf course, and it wasn’t an industrial zone.

How dare they!! Have they no shame! Our city is gasping for funds and they throw away thousands on a recycling contract. Hillsboro Boulevard is drowning in traffic, (at 3:30 last Wednesday it took me 20 minutes to go from Powerline to 95) but the knee-jerk three voted yes for 31 acres of industry.

Take the traffic from that misbegotten venture and add in future hundreds of cars from the high density plan next to the Tri-rail station and forget any movement on Hillsboro between 3:30 and 6:00 any weekday.

Let’s see now what did they swear to when they took the oath of office?

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