Friday, May 28, 2010

Power Corrupts

From the Daily Pulp, Bob Norman's Blog

Bob is writing about the different people who are writing to the judge to ask for leniency for convicted Broward School Board Member Beverly Gallagher and at the end he quotes Lobbyist George Platt:

From Platt's letter:
"It is painful to see a public official step over the line. My lengthy involvement in the political process has convinced me that some public officials simply lose sight of the line between right and wrong. Some of it may have to do with peculiar weaknesses such as a corrupt streak, but sometimes it is has to do with self-importance that public officials assume when lobbyists, the public, favor seekers, unions and others puff up the egos of elected officials. We have seen sad examples of this over the years and it may tend to blur the vision of some. Somewhere along the way, Beverly lost sight of the line."

Here we have a lobbyist with clear sight, he knows what he has been doing, he won't stop doing it, but he is aware of what he does. I am sure he is contemptuous of those he lobbies, I wonder if he sighs or cheers when one of them "loses sight of the line"?

We, as taxpayers need to be irate about this it seems the longer a politician stays in office the worse it gets. Bob writes that Kristin Jacobs visited Platt's vacation home in North Carolina, how sad, she was my grass roots hero, a real peoples' representative, and now she is against Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4, and visiting lobbyists, be careful of that "line" Kristin.

Our homes and communities are too important to leave in the hands of politicians and lobbyists, I can't wait until Amendment 4 gets passed so the voters will have a say, at least, on land use changes.

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