Monday, May 17, 2010

Deerfield Beach to Pay $60,000 for "Pretty"

At tomorrow’s commission meeting the commissioners have a recycling contract to approve. (Nope, you can’t give any public input.) This is another egregious instance of throwing away taxpayers money FOR NO GOOD REASON! (Remember the Boinis buyout, and the almost $100,000 paid back to HUD in 2009 because of bad record keeping)

(20) Resolution 2010/ - A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Deerfield Beach, Florida, approving the agreement between the City of Deerfield Beach and Sun Recycling, LLC. (Funds from Account #450-4051-534-32-14 - Disposal Fees) ACTION: Commission to vote on Resolution 20. Sun Recycling

The crazy sequence of events that led to this waste is worthy of a South Park episode.

1. The commissioners were given a choice between two equally qualified
finalists by the city staff. They chose the one that was $216,000 cheaper. OK,

2. Oops, the losers complained to the mayor. (This was the company
whose owners, I was told, were introduced to others by Mayor Peggy as “my very
good friends”.) She said we need to see presentations by all the companies.
Totally unprecedented, and totally unnecessary, but her “friends” hadn’t won so
I guess she wanted another chance.

3. The bizarreness continued - the companies who were awarded the
contract were voted off the island and the bidding went back to square one. With
one difference, during the presentations, Sun gave in a spreadsheet with lower
prices. They to be were ignored in making the pick, the commission said. Yeah,
let me tell you about the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

4. Yup, you guessed it, Sun got the whole enchilada. When asked why by
Joan Maurice, the answer was something like their facility was cleaner and the
Power Point was prettier, and they did nice work after Wilma. OMG!!! This is
garbage, how clean does a garbage plant have to be??? OK, Peggy, Marty and
Sylvia, justify a little cleaner being worth $200,000 bucks. Uh-uh, I didn’t
think so.

5. Now we learn Sun, our good buddies have come down in price so they
are only $60,000 more than the other choice. Are we ready folks? OK, let’s make
a list of thing the city could do with $60,000.

The Sun people say that there will, because of volume, be an estimated savings of $389,000 the first year, but with the other choice, the guys who thought they had the contract but then didn’t, I bet dollars to donuts that the savings would be even higher as they are a Deerfield Beach based company and won’t have to truck it out of town.

WHAT TO DO???? Now that we have a precedent, and we know that three of our commissioners are fickle, indecisive, unprepared and don’t care that no companies in their right minds would want to do business with the city from now on anyway, let us urge them to rescind the Sun vote and go back to the people who will save us some money.

Write the commissioners and tell them this is crazy to pay 60 GRAND more for NOTHING. Come to the commission meeting tomorrow and hold up a sign saying NO. See what happens.

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