Saturday, April 10, 2010

Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 is the Answer

The article below SCREAMS reasons that people, especially in the northern counties which still have a few open acres, are eager to vote for the Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 which will ensure that land use changes, such as this one which was approved by the Hernando County Commission, go to the voters before getting a final approval.

This project is not needed, is bad for at least 12 reasons, yet had ALL the commissioners voting yes to accept it. Can anyone tell me why they would vote yes? $$$$$

Quarry Preserve project gets bad reviews from Florida Dept. of Community Affairs

April 9, 3:46 PM Hernando County Political Buzz ExaminerMaryann Tobin

It’s called the Quarry Preserve project. However, it has little to do with preservation.In a recently released report from the Florida Department of Community Affairs, there is not much good news for Hernando County’s plan to turn 4,280 acres of acres of unused mining land into a 5,800 housing unit subdivision.

The Quarry Preserve Planned Development District is on the north side of U.S. 98 and Lake Lindsay Road east of C.R. 491, approximately six miles north of Brooksville.In addition to the 5,800 residential housing units, developer, Brooksville Quarry LLC wants to add 200 lodging units, 850,000 square feet of office parks and industrial space, 545,000 square feet of retail space, 3 golf courses, and social facilities.

According to the Florida DCA's 46 page Objections, Recommendations and Comments report the plan is:
Bad for the environment
Bad for the economy
Bad for the housing market
Has no water supply
No sewers
Encroaches on federal endangered wildlife habitat, including 12 endangered species
Creates undesirable sprawl
Will pollute the water supply
Is a bad use of the land
Is inconsistent with the County’s plan for development
Is not needed
And violates state laws

The report states, "To accommodate the magnitude of the land use change, it will be necessary to pump more than 2 millions gallons per day from the aquifer. The amendment does not demonstrate that adequate water supplies are available to serve the amendment.”

Moreover, the plan “does not include any proposed policies to address protection of groundwater resources. “ And, “Deference to a later process outside the comprehensive plan is not consistent with state law.

"Negative economic impact would be widespread as well.

"The county has enough vacant residential land to accommodate an additional 152,000 dwelling units would accommodate 304,000 people, which is more than four times what is needed to accommodate the projected population of the county by 2025.

"The Board of County Commissioners vote to accept the Quarry Preserve project in January was unanimous. The vote to transmit the project for further review was passed by a 3 to 2 margin.

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  1. The final vote for Quarry Preserve is not until July. Below is the link to the follow up story with links to email all the county commissioners.
    Tell them how you feel!