Monday, April 26, 2010

Budget time again for Deerfield Beach

Our commissioners are going to get together on Thursday to start looking at the next budget. I wonder if they will have to raise taxes this time. Chances are they will. Revenue is down but expenses don’t go down.

What have we got in the reserve account? Well if we had waited Boinis out we would have $200,000 more. He would have given in eventually as no one in their right mind would pay anything for that strip of sand, and he would have soon been sick of paying taxes on it. Sure we would have had to wait a little to renovate the pier buildings, but what’s a year or two when we would save 200 large.

How then are they going to save some money for the city, and keep the taxes as low as possible? There’s the recycling contract, the staff showed how the city could go with more than one supplier and save a quarter of a million dollars.

The suppliers presented their program to the Deerfield Beach professional staff who is trained to rank and evaluate the offerings. The staff did just that and used their expertise to come up with a way to save the city a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! All the commission had to do was agree to use three suppliers and we would be $250,000,000 richer. Of course the commission voted yes on that, it was a no brainer.

BUT WHAT! One outfit was upset they didn’t get the whole thing they whined to the Mayor that it wasn’t fair, because they only got to show their posters and PowerPoints to the staff, not the commissioners.

Are any of our commissioners trained in evaluating this kind of thing, NOPE.

Is this standard operating procedure? NOPE.

But that didn’t matter, believe it or not, the commission voted to undo the yes vote, and start all over, and let the competing companies do a presentation to the commission.

AND, YOU GUESSED IT! The whiners did a prettier show then the others and UNBELIEVABLY our commission gave away A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLAR SAVING because, why? I cannot figure it out. I have no idea why. There can be no rational reason.

So the questions must be asked, how did the company get the commissioners to agree to a do over, how did they convince the commissioners to agree to a contract which will cost us a quarter of a mill more!!!! How did they do it? What made it happen? Why did they agree? Who benefits? And, will the city be sued by the (winner), oops, now loser? Bet on it.

And, wait until after the next contract that gets a yes vote. See the loser whine to the commission; hear them say “Hey, you did it for that guy!” We have a really pretty PowerPoint show, we want you to see. You have to change your mind, and rescind the vote for us too.

OMG! If you were a company would you bid on a Deerfield Beach contract? Me either.

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