Friday, March 12, 2010

A Stall on the Cove Shopping Center?

Wazzzzzup with Mayor Peggy trying to delay the start of fixing up the Cove Shopping Center Parking lot? At the last CRA meeting she went on and on about it. As far as I have been able to determine only the Cove Restaurant and the Pandora Jewelers are against having the lot beautified and re-striped with a net gain of parking spaces. Why they don’t want it, who knows.

I suspect the Cove Restaurant owner’s reasoning is in line with some who see $$$$$$$$$$$$ in leveling the whole center and putting up a Mizner Park type center. After all they own some lots over by the marina. (We know how well that fiasco went over in Boca Raton, they are still in debt and the home owners are footing the bill. That was a loser from the get-go.)

The “bring in the wrecking ballers” had their chance in the many meetings and workshops held for the business owners and residents. Over and over a super majority of folks said they like the center as it is but fixed up. So, the city planned a redo of the parking lot, paver sidewalks and money for any business owner who wanted to fix their store fronts. They also came up with a theme for the center; a Key West look. Over time as the stores take advantage of the fa├žade incentives the center will be really cute.

BUT, why the stall? Did Peggy have a hand in holding the start up? The project is out to bid, but the details about how it will work are on the back burner. Well, were on the back burner until Commissioners Bill Ganz and Joe Miller demanded they get going. Bill said, “I don’t want a single delay on the Cover Shopping Center. There is a huge difference between the Hillsboro Blvd. job and this. Don’t slow it down, do it fast, you can’t please everyone. After all they are getting it for free!” That was said when insisting that Keven Klopp set a meeting that he said he has been too busy to get around to, (was it his idea not to have the meeting?) with the designers and get the plan done. Well done, and well overdue! This has been years in the doing, and by all rights should have been done long ago.

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