Tuesday, February 9, 2010

They finally got it right!!!

(Click on Picture for a larger view) Last evening the CRA department of the city held a workshop at which Garcia Stromberg, the architectural firm chosen to do the design, showed the public their concept for the design of the new Deerfield Beach pier entrance: the restaurant, restrooms, bait shop etc.

The design is awesome; it keeps the beach-goer hot-dogs and hamburgers friendly atmosphere, but adds some really nice features. The restaurant is a little bigger than Kelly’s due to adding inside restrooms. There is a second floor dining deck, also with restrooms, and an outside first floor dining deck for restaurant goers or for beach goers who have their own food.

The whole bait-shop/ice machine setup is enclosed, and a really nice feature is the open view from the street west to east; the whole pier is visible.

Some kinks need to be worked out of course, such as how to enclose the trash and avoid the odor, and how to keep the enclosure from being battered by the garbage trucks. You can see the entire presentation here, at the city’s website: Proposed Concept Presentation3009 KB, Last Uploaded: 2/9/2010 11:05:28 AM

BUT!!!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GET GOING ON THE COVE SHOPPING CENTER PARKING LOT!!!! I hear that there are some people out there who don't want it to go forward and are trying to delay it (forever?). DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. The pier project is targeted to start next November. I hope the Cove project will be done by then. Let your commissioners know you want this to happen. Perhaps they need to know that the residents want this NOW!

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