Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The People Say Yes for Amendment 4

Last Saturday I went to the Deerfield Beach Arts Festival at the beach, it was well attended, and there were arts and crafts galore. I was there handing out flyers supporting the Florida Hometown Democracy’s Amendment 4.

Amendment 4 is not much in the news yet, after all the election isn’t until November 2. But, it is never too early to start getting the word out, A4 supporters won’t have the millions of dollars (they have spent over 3 million already) that the builders and chambers are collecting to defeat it. We who are pro Amendment 4 have to do it the old fashioned way, one by one.

What is Amendment 4? In the Orlando Sentinel Columnist Jane Healy, while discussing proposed Amendments on the November 2nd ballot wrote:

“One is Amendment 4, the Hometown Democracy initiative, that would allow voters to veto a development that local elected officials approve even though it conflicts with their own plan for growth.

Voters aren't dumb. They realize that elected officials often approve these unplanned projects after the developers cozy up to them with generous campaign contributions.”

Thanks Jane for realizing we, the voters, are not dumb, and for realizing that Amendment 4 will be passed by a righteous wave of angry voters saying, “Enough, enough”, and for knowing why.

Anyway, I was, as I said, passing out flyers at the festival, first asking people, “Do you vote in Florida?” About 2/3 said no. But the other 1/3 were interested, most had not heard of Amendment 4, but when they heard they would get a chance to vote on a land-use change before it was passed, they were all for it.

Some were eager to spread the word further. I was asked to come to speak at HOAs, and one young woman asked if I would come talk to her college class. Many stopped to talk, telling me about their own brushes with over-development and “deaf” commissioners. I was also asked many times if they could have a few more flyers to pass out in their neighborhoods. One lady wanted an extra one for her refrigerator door so she “wouldn’t forget by November”.

During the day, I had the same experience that Reporter Steven Feller told me he had when he did a man-on-the-street interview for the Forum Newspaper. He said that it was the first time in his experience that every single person he interviewed gave him the same answer; he had never had that before. Everyone said they would vote yes for Amendment 4!


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  2. Aay WHAT?

    People will only be inundated with hundreds of ballot items if our elected official first approve hundreds of land use changes. We will only vote on changes to our local plan not everybody's statewide..
    "Neighborhoods would lose their existing ability to negotiate proposals that affect them" How so? The process remains the same until the end of the process when they will get to either endorse or veto the changes made by their local government.
    Several million? What county or municipality has several million people?