Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take Good Care, Mike.

The Deerfield Beach Commission fired City Manager Mike Mahaney last evening. That is a sad thing. Mike is a good person but three commissioners couldn’t/wouldn’t work with him. Having a majority of your bosses against you makes a job impossible to do.

The commissioners are supposed to set policy, and the manager is supposed to implement it. But having two or three micro managers on the dais second guessing your every move makes it very hard to operate.

Mike was a huge improvement over the last city manager; he kept the city solvent and was frugal with city money. Many past abuses were corrected. I am sorry to see him go. I can’t imagine what manager candidate would want to work with this commission; they are setting a new record for discord in Deerfield Beach.


  1. Things strike me as too quiet on the southeastern front. After spending $15K to learn we needed respect on the dais ..... to hear someone sound somewhat Chazymouth .... for inuendos to be flying concerning perhaps improper negotiations .... and nary a word from the papers, oh its Thurs. let's see how our weekly's reported this ... seems the SS posted it only on a blog - I believe Linda T. has her orders.
    I'm glad I left the meeting when I did. I couldn't take anymore at that point ... I imagine if I stayed...I'd be gaping with my mouth wide open like the rest of you must have been.


  2. Caryl;

    Do the rest of us a huge solid. When you leave the room for good, take the OSOB by the hand with you. Oh and don't forget to shut off the lights.

    Just because you believe something doesn't make it reality...