Monday, January 18, 2010

Scam Warning for Deerfield Beach

Hi Bett,
On Saturday afternoon an young man came to me while I was doing yard work in the Cove neighborhood and told me a great story about how he was a PBCC student trying to raise money for a humanities department trip to Greece by selling magazines and cutlery.

He told me he lived on 7th Avenue and had already hit up his family and neighbors but still needed more money for the trip. He even mentioned his experiences selling Boy Scout popcorn. He even said he will buy Girl Scout cookies from me at Publix next weekend.

I was hooked. Anyway he scammed me for a 2-year renewal on Motor Trend Magazine for $42. I called the phone number on the receipt he gave me and it was no good.

I also went online, and discovered someone in Miami was complaining about the same company, "World Class Circulation/Diamond Sales." So I stopped payment on my check before it was cashed. Feel free to put this in your blog. I'm not embarassed, he was that good.


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