Friday, January 8, 2010

Original Save Our Beach comments on Mahaney and the Commission

The Deerfield Beach Original Save Our Beach Committee (OSOB) is disappointed that there is serious discord among some of the Deerfield Beach Commissioners and the City Manager. We believe that it is in the best interests of the City that those Commissioners who are dissatisfied with Mr. Mahaney try to work out their differences with him.

Replacing the city manager will be a financially costly and disruptive process for the city, and should not be done unless absolutely necessary. It is not too late to attempt to resolve the differences and no harm done if it takes some time as there is no urgency in replacing Mr. Mahaney.

The communication issues between the City Manager and some of the Commission obviously need to be improved, but people of good faith can and should make that happen. There are areas of performance in which Mr. Mahaney can improve, however, Mr. Mahaney has shown himself to be honest, has kept our city on sound financial footing, even during these very difficult economic times, and has the overall best interest of the Deerfield Beach taxpayers in mind when making decisions.

For the good of the City, we urge the Commission and the City Manager to make a serious attempt to resolve their differences and strive to do what is truly in the best interest of the citizens of Deerfield Beach.

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