Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deerfield Beach Commissioners could learn a lesson from this:

Reginald T. Dogan • January 23, 2010

…elected officials don't always make the best decisions when they receive power from the people to govern and lead.

I'm not so sure if political power is intoxicating or if some people elected in politics are just intoxicated.

For those bold enough to sip from the political cup and get a taste of its power, elected public service can be an addictive occupation.

Besides having the opportunity to engage in decisions that can improve a community and mold its future, serving in office also brings a heavy dose of flattery and boot-licking that can create a false sense of entitlement.

Like the person who has had too many shots of whiskey and gets behind the wheel of an automobile, public servants, who fall under the intoxicating nature of their job's many perks and favors, make poor decisions.

A member of city council or a county commission has power, commands respect and demands attention…

The power helps or hurts those who come before them with wants and needs. They can help friends flourish and make enemies suffer.

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White thought his position in county government gave him power to take advantage of and make sexual advances toward a young woman who worked in his office.

His actions cost him nearly half a million dollars, his reputation and possibly the seat that gave him the intoxicating power he misused and abused.

…here's something to ponder from a man who wielded a lot of power and used it wisely:

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
So said Abraham Lincoln.

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