Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deerfield Beach Commission, Lesson Learned? Not.

While at the commission meeting on Tuesday I was struck with how quickly the rigors of the budget process wore off our commissioners.

While reviewing the budget, every line item was looked at and many shaved. Those who wanted budget additions were treated as if they had a contagious disease.

But now Commissioner Popelsky wants to use public tax money, which was not put in as a budget item, for placing $4,000 to $5,000 worth of city purchased defibrillators in Century Village.

CV is a private concern, and they have a budget and assessment money, if the residents think defibrillators are important, they should put them in the CV budget. If the commissioners think that defibrillators are necessary in various spots around the city, (certain places must have them by law) it should be in the budget.

The commissioners didn’t even know that there was a defibrillator in City Hall.

Another agenda item, which was tabled, had money, $85.773, (again a not budgeted for item) being pulled out of the West Wellfield Project for sidewalks along the Military Trail from the CV gate to 10th Street.

The well field project is short of money and they want to use eighty five grand for sidewalks!!!!! Good thing they came to their senses and pulled that one. In addition to not passing the smell test, is it legal to do that?

This would be a sidewalk that goes nowhere, there is no inside CV sidewalk to get to Military Trail, and no sidewalk, yet, on 10th.

Commissioner Poitier's head perked up like a bird dog on point when she heard grant money and energy savings in one sentence. She wanted to know if it was for private residences. It was not, only for city buildings, which she would have known if she had read her backup material.

And the coup de budget is the Commission voting to hire a headhunter to find a city manager; another $20,000 plus down the toilet.

There is no magic to a head hunter. Place an ad in the city manager journal and voila, you will be inundated with resumes. All the HH does is provide CVs and resumes, the commission still has to review them and interview the final few.

Although one might wonder who would want to come to Deerfield Beach. Last go-around, the first choice said no thanks. This should be a do it yourself project. Enough money has been wasted on this.

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