Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Change in Deerfield Beach

About Mahaney’s dismissal: Only time will tell if the city is better off with a new city manager. However, I see no point in Monday morning quarterbacking the decision. Bill Ganz, in my opinion, is doing his best for our city. He had solid reasons for his vote to dismiss.

Bill believes that the city should be run on a sound fiscal basis and people should do a day’s work for a day’s pay. I like that. He is an idealist and I like that too. He wants to hold the line on the firefighter’s excesses, and I really like that. And he is that rare commissioner who comes to commission meetings thoroughly prepared as to the items on the agenda. He is not confused by how to take a vote, and he does not vote for something he doesn’t understand. He is to be forgiven for the times he shows his frustration at the unprofessional antics, lack of perception and off topic ramblings of others on the dais.

Bill has no personal agenda or ax to grind, he ran for commissioner because he wanted to make the city better. He brought an energizing breath of fresh air to the city.

He doesn’t have any relatives who work for the city; he isn’t the commissioner who was reluctantly drafted to run against another commissioner who in a spirit of conciliation, suggested a moment of silence instead of a sectarian prayer, and set off a storm of protest by Christians. And, he isn’t in it for the paycheck. Bill has no delusions of grandeur thinking that being a commissioner or mayor makes him better than others.

Rather than be criticized, Bill should be praised for his caring, his guts and his tolerance. Was he right? I hope so. Am I worried about the transition, the union negotiations, who the next city manager will be, where he or she will come from? Sure, change is difficult. But sometimes it is for the better.

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