Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So sad

Sad, pathetic, that is the description of last night’s (Tuesday) commission meeting. The commissioners spent $15,000 on a retreat to come up with a “vision” that amounted to an agreement that the commission meetings were not run well and people didn’t respect one another. I could have told them that for free. Nothing has changed, I present exhibit #1 to support that finding:

On Agenda Item - General Item #20 except for Bill Ganz they would have included the entire list of legislative priorities from the League of Cities with our Deerfield Beach list, sight unseen.

Sylvia, said in addition to our ten items we should include the L of C’s list also as they always have a good one, Peggy asked the city attorney if they could include it. Bill put a stop to that, saying he would not vote to include anything he had not read. Good going Bill. Joe Miller agreed they should read it first. Duh!

(WRONG, Sylvia, the League of Cities is not always our good buddy, for example they were trying to repeal the County Charter and eliminate County oversight of the cities. So if one city wanted to build something the next city didn’t want near them there would be nowhere to appeal. Who knows what else they want that would not be good for Deerfield Beach?)

Then came the discussion about what to do with the area of the city around the Dixie Flyover which is slated to break ground in late January. That is what was supposed to be discussed, but Sylvia went off on a tirade about hiring local contractors and would not believe that the city has NO control over the project as it is completely run by the MOP. Bill explained it very carefully to her but no dice. Marty Popelsky volunteered to go with her to the MOP, but said that the local contractors to be used for the flyover are local to Florida, not Deerfield Beach. All the commissioners understood this but Sylvia. Watch the video at the city website, reality TV doesn’t get much better than this.

Then the vote to decide on the pier restaurant was messed up, see Tom Francis’ take on it in his New Times post
During the meeting Mayor Peggy Noland made sure the whole city knew she was ready this time, unlike two weeks ago, she had the bidders ranked 2 ways and was ready to choose either way they decided to go, she did her homework. Unlike Sylvia Poitier, shown in the video post on Francis’ blog. In spite of having had 4 weeks to review she was not ready and messed up her choices which were done on the spot while everyone waited.

It ended up with her changing her vote after the restaurant was picked. She was seriously confused and was unable to grasp the difference between two similarly named “Pier Grills”. I would not be surprised if the losing bidder takes legal action. At this point Peggy loses her temper and says enough, stop it, we look like a bunch of idiots, the vote was called, and Sylvia kept interrupting and Peggy kept saying “Excuse me Sylvia you don‘t have the floor!” over and over. Sylvia then asks the city attorney if the mayor can stop her from talking at a commission meeting and is told, “Yes”. Sylvia then left the room.

All during the retreat veiled references to Sylvia’s behavior at meetings was discussed, then at the end they finally named the problem and said she was the problem. Two weeks ago during the commission meeting Sylvia seemed especially foggy, she, at one point, asked is Crystal Lake in Deerfield Beach? Huh? Last night she acted very confused also, and not too sure what was being discussed. Perhaps her blood sugar is off; perhaps she is not sleeping well, perhaps …. Well whatever, she is no longer an asset to the commission and should take time off and get help or resign, now, at once.

Up until last night the commissioners humored her, that seems to have ended. Perhaps they will take action.

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