Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Idea Angelo!

Pembroke Pines’ Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo wrote (about the school board, but it applies to all government) in the Sun Sentinel:

“ …let's take elected officials out of the procurement process. Nobody elects School Board members based on their procurement prowess; they are not qualified to carry out that function, which is best handled by staff. The job of elected officials is to safeguard the fairness of the procurement process not to meddle in who gets what contracts. Make it clean. Open the doors to competition. Get elected school board members out of the contract selection business.These steps will go a long way toward improving education in our community and restoring public trust in the Broward County School District.”

What a great idea Vice Mayor Castillo, if your suggestion was in effect in Deerfield Beach we would not be anticipating a lawsuit about the selection of the Pier Restaurant contract.

Let’s change all contract awarding, city and county and school board, to that method. Who better to know what group should run a restaurant, or redesign a pier entrance then the professionals we hire to run our departments.

Let the commissioners have the final vote, yes or no, on the choice, but let the pros do the selection. Who would you want to pick a contractor, Charlie DaBrusco or Sylvia Poitier? George Edmonds or Peggy Noland?

Can you see Charlie saying, Oops, I got the names of the restaurants mixed up! I want Handleman, which one is his? As Sylvia did, or, I thought we were going with the 1-8 numbering, I didn’t know about the 35% - 35% - 30% weighting thing!, as did Peggy, the first week which pushed the selection off to the next meeting, resulting in the closing the restaurant and losing money.

The weighting was clearly spelled out in the selection criteria of the RFP. Staff wouldn't have missed that. They would have done the correct weighting for the various sections, financial, insurability, experience, etc. They would not have chosen based on who they like personally. They are the pros; they should be the ones to choose, the commission sets the criteria in the RFP, the staff carries out the selection. Let's make that happen.


  1. Bett: I beg to differ with you. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about the quality of our PRO's. Why didn't anyone catch the mistakes made in the bid proposal from the person who sent out the bid proposal to the department head responsible for the proposal to the committee who ranked the restaurants. And let's not let the CA off the hook on this one. The whole Pier Restaurant was a fiasco with whoever was involved with it. What makes you think a Department Head isn't capable of making decisions for the wrong reasons? I know of a department head who suspended an employee without pay for two days at the bidding of a commissioner, at least this is my belief. I know of another department head who did absolutely nothing to an employee who did an improper set back inspection that needed to go to committee and then to the Commission and nothing is even in the employee's record!!! Sorry Bett, but you are more naive than I would have thought.
    This blame goes to the residents.
    I ask you this did Miller know that Sylvia made an "honest" mistake. I'm curious how he sitting next to her knew she made a mistake. I did see him give the thumbs up to Handlemen in the outer room of the Chamber.
    At this point, I hope its a great restaurant that serves the City responsibly.

  2. After attending Commissioner Millers District 1 meeting, I have a new found respect for SOME Department Heads but more so for the City Manager. Attending Commission Meetings, one doesn't get to know what these people actually do and some continually get slammed by Commissioners that you could come away from a meeting thinking these people are complete idiots. It seems we only get to hear from them when a problem has occurred.
    My Commissioner doesn't have District Meetings, so this is the first comprehensive District Meeting I've attended.
    Nonetheless, it seems from today's SS article, what we need in Deerfield Beach is an auditor to make sure things are on the up and up.