Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disturbing Complaints from City Hall

I am more and more disturbed by what I hear from City Hall these days. The Commissioners, especially the Mayor, do not seem to realize that the City Manager is the one who deals with the employees, not them. They set policy, but the manager carries it out.

Which means that when Mayor Noland calls up a department head and directs him/her to do something, or yells out from the dais that a department head in the audience should do such and such as soon as possible, SHE IS VIOLATING THE CITY CHARTER!!

Why does she do this? She says she is impatient and doesn't want to wait. Then she says she doesn't want to step on any toes, but she is walking all over the charter with hob nailed boots. Unless it is a safety emergency, in which case the police should be notified, she should learn patience.

There is a reason for chain of command, and commissioners who order employees around and/or yell at them are setting a very bad example, creating what might be called a hostile workplace and they should STOP IT NOW!!

I hear from inside city hall that the Mayor is on the employees cases frequently. If an employee gets mad and files a grievance it could cost the city a bundle.

Have it out with the city manager if you have a problem, but stay away from the employees. Wouldn't it be embarrasing if they wind up in front of Crist's new grand jury, perhaps he should base it in Deerfield Beach.

Joe Miller, at the Embassy Suits "retreat" said that perhaps they should have a workshop to learn what is in the charter, good idea Joe. Here's a little preview:



Section 3.06. Mayor and vice mayor.

(a) Mayor. The mayor shall preside at meetings of the commission and shall be recognized as head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes; by the governor for purposes of military law and civil disaster; for execution of contracts, deeds and other documents except as otherwise provided in article IV; for service of process; and as the city official designated to represent the city in all agreements with other governmental entities or certifications to other governmental entities, but shall have no administrative duties except as required to carry out the responsibilities herein.

Section 3.09. Prohibitions.
(3) Oversight of administration. Except for the purpose of inquiries and investigations, the commission or its members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the city manager solely through the city manager, and neither the commission nor its members shall give orders to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately. Nothing in the foregoing is to be construed to prohibit individual members of the commission from examining by question and personal observation all aspects of city government operations so as to obtain independent information to assist the members in the formulation of policies to be considered by the commission and assure the implementation of such policies as have been adopted.

It is the express intent of this provision, however, that such inquiry shall not interfere directly with the regular municipal operations of the city and that recommendations for change or improvement in city government operations be made to and through the city manager.


  1. Why was there no similar outrage when Steve Gonot was doing the same? Was it because you didn't approve of that city manager? How convenient.

  2. There was.... U just had ur head up Gonot's ass and couldnt hear the outrage