Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ethics Code Not Repealed

The pressure from the media e.g.: http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/juice/ and residents worked, the Deerfield Beach Commission did not vote to rescind the Code of Ethics. Instead, following Bill Ganz’s lead they voted to appoint a committee of residents to look over the code and report back their findings to the commission.

They pretty much had to do that after the outrage from the public and media. . Yes, Noland and Poitier wanted to get rid of the code. But they were not up front about that in tonight’s meeting.
I would have respected Peggy a little if she had told the public that, yes she wanted to get rid of the code, but because three other commissioners didn’t she would go along with them. Instead she said that the reason she asked to put the item asking to repeal the Ethics Code on the agenda was so they could discuss it. That does not pass the smell test, if you want to discuss an item you say you want to DISCUSS it on the agenda, not REPEAL it.

Early arrivals at the commission meeting with signs supporting the Ethics Code.

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